Candy Machine - Candy always has a magical appeal

November 23, 2023

Candy has always had a magical appeal. Most children like to eat sweets. When encountering candy, you can say that you can't walk anymore. If a piece of candy goes into the mouth, the child will not cry or fuss. And adults sometimes eat candies. It is said that people who eat candies regularly will be in a worse mood. Therefore, candy has also become one of the foods suitable for all ages. But beautiful and delicious candies are motivated by very powerful technological equipment, one of which is a steam generator.

Why a steam generator can be used to make candy.

1. Our steam generator has accurate temperature control, producing better-quality candies

During the candy-making process, sugar needs to be melted and boiled. At this time, if a steam generator is used, the accurate temperature control of the steam generator can be used to prevent the sugar from gelling during the melting process. condition. It is very easy to control the temperature using a steam generator. When the concentration of sugar solution increases, the temperature should also be appropriately changed.

When boiling sugar, use a relatively low temperature to evaporate the water in the sugar. After most of the water has evaporated, turn down the heat and cook slowly until the sugar liquid thickens and the syrup changes color. .

2. Our steam generator can also recycle steam and save energy:.

The amount of sugar a sugar factory needs to produce every day is different. At this time, our steam generator can automatically adjust the gas volume through the end of the steam volume, so that the gas volume can be accurately controlled, and the steam generator can also recover unnecessary heat. Unused steam can be recycled into the heating tube, which can increase the temperature of the water entering the boiler, reduce the time for steam generation, and save energy consumption. .

3. The steam generated is very sterilizing and meets the requirements of national food grade standards:.

The high-temperature steam produced by our steam generator is very clean and complies with national food hygiene and safety requirements. The amount of steam is also very small and the sanitary conditions are poor. It's perfect for making sweets and food products with no extra waste. The output of waste gas and wastewater protects the medical safety of the candy and further ensures hygienic conditions during the candy production process.

The candy is delicious, but the equipment consumed is visible to the naked eye and the working process is clear. Empowering candy production with technology is an inevitable trend. To make the candy factory more advanced, the equipment needs to be updated from generation to generation to make the machinery more lightweight and practical.

Our steam generators are not only used in candy factories but also in biopharmaceutical, food processing, chemical reactions, concrete curing, clothing ironing, experimental research, packaging machinery, high-temperature cleaning, and other equipment.

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