Young consumers “eat sugar” to maintain their health, and the functional gummy candy industry is growing

December 19, 2023

1. Gummies become a new fashion for young people to maintain their health

After being labeled with various functionalities, gummies have become more and more popular, breaking consumers' inherent impression of functional foods, and using snacks as a carrier to better meet the needs of multiple scenarios and anytime, anywhere replenishment. need. For the Chinese market, functional gummies are one of the categories among new consumer brands that cannot be underestimated.

Data from the China Business Industry Research Institute shows that China’s functional food market is expected to exceed 600 billion yuan in 2022.

"Use the most expensive skin care products, eat the most expensive skin care products, and stay up the latest late at night." This ridiculing Internet buzzword reflects the daily life of many young people, and more and more young people are beginning to pay attention to it. Keep in good health. Open the online social sharing platform, and most of the rummaging videos of young people contain various functional gummy candies, and the anchors who live broadcast the goods are also Amway.

As consumers born in the 1990s and 1995s have begun to become the main consumers, young people are paying more attention to product selling points such as fun, good looks, and convenience. Therefore, functional gummies have attracted much attention. Xiao Di, who was born in the 1990s, said: "I eat bear collagen gummy candies, which look cute. They taste like the gummy candies I ate when I was a kid. They are sour and sweet, and they are very delicious."

Currently, most of the functional gummies sold on the market are in bright and cute packaging. The gummies come in various shapes, such as animals and flowers, which meet the aesthetic needs of young people. In contrast, traditional nutritional supplements are generally tasteless capsules, tablets, or some unpleasant granules. However, functional gummies have obvious advantages in appearance and taste, capturing the hearts of young people and even eating them. Functional gummies have become trendy. Cody, born in the 1990s, is also a member of this wave of consumerism. Before choosing functional gummies, Kedi relied on products from traditional health food companies for his daily health. After being favored by many herbal bloggers, he started to buy functional gummies. "I used to take multivitamins and calcium tablets, one of which was very large and difficult to swallow. Now I take functional gummies, which are sour and sweet. I will eat more if I am not careful."

Wu Peiying, director of the Nutrition Department of Shanghai First People's Hospital, believes that adding nutrients to gummies to make them functional gummies may be more in line with current consumption scenarios and needs.

2.Like "sugar" not "sugar"

"The various nutritional supplements I bought in the past were so unpalatable that I rarely thought of eating them. In the end, they would gather dust and be thrown away after they expired." Xiao Li said, "But the gummies now available are easy to carry and can be used every day. Just put a few pills in your school bag and eat them like snacks, it is simple and convenient. The mentality of many people around me has changed from 'having to take it' to 'taking it proactively' or even 'can't help but eat more'."

Although functional gummies look like snacks, they have added nutrients after all. Therefore, you should read the instructions before eating them, use them within the recommended safe dosage, and do not adjust the dosage without authorization.

Consumers must understand that it does not mean that something like "sugar" really becomes "sugar", nor does it mean that it has the Midas touch to turn gold into gold just because it has a "function". Industry experts remind that functional foods can only be used as dietary supplements and cannot replace medicines.

3.Gummies spawn new market for nutritional products

Under the new consumption wave, functional gummies are a hidden outlet. First of all, my country's candy industry has developed for many years. The construction of production, supply chain, sales and other channels have been mature and mature. The types and flavors of candy are also very rich, and it has a large number of fans in the market. Secondly, young people’s awareness of health care is increasing. The "Report on Health Care Consumption Trends of Young People" shows that more than 90% of the post-90s generation have already become aware of health care. Exercise and eating are the two favorite ways to maintain health among young people. Health products in the form of snacks such as jelly and gummies have become increasingly popular. fastest.

The entry of capital has accelerated the incubation of the functional gummy category and pushed its popularity to a new level. Judging from last year’s food investment trends, functional gummies are favored by the capital market and have continued to receive financing. For example, functional food brand BUFFX received tens of millions of yuan in financing, and functional food minayo also received tens of millions of yuan in financing.

Taking this opportunity, both food companies and health care product companies are targeting the functional gummy candy track. Currently, there are gummies that supplement vitamins and minerals, as well as products such as DHA gummies, yeast zinc gummies, probiotic gummies, melatonin gummies, collagen gummies, and hyaluronic acid gummies. Brands such as Angel Nut, By-Health, Angeli, Amway, and Xianle Health have begun to deploy this dosage form. In addition, many emerging brands such as joliyoyo, Super Zero, Mint Health, etc. have also launched functional gummy products. Although the main functions of the products are different, they all have taken a fancy to this track.

Functional gummies still cannot be separated from "sugar". In addition to increasing their appeal in terms of functionality, they must also make further breakthroughs in aspects such as health and diversification. In terms of health, low-sugar or sugar-free products may be more consumer-friendly and in line with the current “sugar-free trend.” At the same time, reducing the use of food additives such as food colorings and flavors is more in line with consumer demand. In terms of diversification, the products launched by most brands are mainly for sleep aids and card control. They are not only homogeneous in raw materials and formulas, but also very similar in taste. For this, more abundant nutrients may be needed in functional gummy formulas, and brands must also strengthen their own R&D and innovation capabilities.

Industry insiders said that at present, my country's functional gummy candy market is still in its early stages, with a relatively small number of companies in the industry and great potential for future industry development. As consumers' awareness of health care increases and the development trend of health food snacks emerges, the functional gummy candy market has ushered in a good opportunity for development. The functional gummy candy market has attracted many brands to enter. In the face of competition from many other similar brands, When competing, those with brand power and R&D barriers may be able to stay in the market in the future.

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