The functional gummy candy market is on the rise, and the health care products industry may welcome the "snack-oriented"

December 25, 2023
  1. 1. With the "halo" of health food, the functional gummy market explodes

  2. iiMedia Research data also shows that as the country’s per capita GDP increases, consumers have undergone fundamental changes in their consumption concepts and willingness to consume health food. The consumption attributes of health food will gradually change from optional consumer goods to must-have consumer goods. change. Card control, beauty, sleep aid, soothing nerves, multi-dimensional supplement... Under the trend of food health and functionalization, gummy candies with the aura of health food have become a hot new consumer brand and the transformation of traditional candy companies. product form.

As an innovative product dosage form, the application of gummies can include most popular functional raw materials, and has quickly become an important health and nutritional functional food carrier. Industry insiders pointed out that functional gummies, as a snack-based health product based on snack gummy carriers, provide consumers with the convenience of maintaining health and health in multiple scenarios and anytime and anywhere.

As the scale of the functional food market gradually expands, many functional food start-up brands have risen against the trend. The functional food brand "BUFFX", established in 2020, cooperates with institutions that produce formula foods for special medical purposes to conduct research and development. It adds functional ingredients to gummy products so that consumers can supplement nutrition while satisfying their taste buds. Nelo, a cutting-edge functional food product, focuses on the scene of staying up late and launches the popular Nelo coffee chewing bean series. It adheres to the compound formula and strives to have multiple effects in one bottle, allowing you to take two at any time and anywhere to "chew" away multiple health risks. In addition, many new consumer brands such as wonderlab, minayo, joliyoyo, Super Zero, Mint Health, etc. have taken advantage of the trend and launched gummies with different functions.

At the same time, many nutritional and health care product giants have also launched corresponding functional gummy products. Last year, Amway launched the Little N series of snack nutritional supplements, which include a variety of functional gummies, such as lutein ester gummies and vitamin C gummies. By-Health has also launched a series of new functional gummies, such as acerola vitamin C gummies, collagen gummies, DHA gummies, etc...

According to data from the China Business Industry Research Institute, the global functional food market is expected to exceed 600 billion yuan in 2022, and the sales of functional candy will exceed 8.6 billion US dollars. Looking at the entire consumer market, the current "functional +" gummy candy track is thriving and extremely lively. From tablets and capsules to soft candy jelly, functional snack foods are creating a market worth hundreds of billions.

2.What is the magic power of gummies that are “empowered” by young people’s healthy consumption?

According to the "Youth Health Consumption Trend Report" released by China Business Data Center CBNData, more than half of my country's "post-90s" generation suffer from hair loss, hair loss, and weakened eyesight, and about 40% are obese and have reduced exercise ability. Of the cases, 30% still suffer from reduced immunity.

From the consumer side, healthy consumption has become a normalized demand for more and more young people. A consumer trend report released by Tmall shows that in the past year, emerging consumers’ pursuit of “health” and “beauty” has led to health care moving toward “quick digestion”. However, when “empowered” gummies have fallen into Young people who are anxious about health care, even in the current era of low-sugar and sugar-free concepts, have still become the meat and potatoes of punk health care in the eyes of young people. What is the special magic power of functional gummies?

1. A good-looking appearance that fits the trend of “admiration of appearance” among young people

In an era where appearance is justice, as long as the appearance of a product is beautiful and distinctive enough, young people will be willing to share it and become their social talk, thereby quickly fermenting the popularity with the help of word-of-mouth, and eventually becoming a "hot product" . The appearance of functional gummies is either made into the shape of soft and cute kittens or puppies, or in the form of colorful flowers, stars, hearts, etc., and the packaging is mostly youthful, cool and cute. Feng coincides with the trend of "admiration of appearance" among young people and successfully arouses their attention and desire to consume.

2. Accurately understand the unmet needs of young people

The emergence and existence of all new consumption categories stem from the insight into certain unmet needs. Functional gummies fill the gap between consumers' needs between ordinary food and health care products - they have more effect-enhancing additions than ordinary food, making dietary supplements more targeted and efficient, but they do not reach the The attributes of health care products will not cause stress to people and eliminate the high threshold of "following the doctor's advice" at every turn.

3. Psychologically, it greatly reduces the burden on young people.

Traditional health care brands have aging brands, outdated visuals, and crude designs that make them difficult to get close to. For example, the pharmaceutical-style designs of capsules and tablets give people a scary psychological hint: You have some illness and need to be treated. Gummies with candy properties appear in a form that is closer to snacks. They are "snack-ifying" health products and provide young people with a convenient and interesting way to take snacks. They not only meet the needs of young people for health care, but also reduce the consumption of snacks. It relieves their psychological burden and makes them more accepted. Although they are taking supplements, they can still pretend to be snacks.

All in all, with the unprecedented increase in the health awareness of contemporary young people, as well as the existence of real-life pain point scenarios such as "staying up late", "overwork", and "insomnia", functional gummies satisfy young people's yearning for a better and healthy life. After all, simple health products cannot replace medicines. Young people need to spend money to buy peace of mind, and functional gummies that are more like snacks are a good choice.

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